The SAWACA Mission

SAWACA affirms the value of walking as a spiritually and psychologically beneficial activity. It is dedicated to the study and promotion of all forms of walking as spiritual, psychological, or simply "contemplative" activity.
It acts as:
• a focal point for study,
• a means of information sharing between members and the public,
• the opportunity to build collaboration between its members and supporters, and
• a spokesperson for walking and contemplative activity.

Monday, December 10, 2012


Who might benefit from or want to participate in SAWACA?

Here are some possible constituents:
    •    orthopedists
    •    physiotherapists
    •    psychologists
    •    social workers and SW teachers
    •    members of Association for Spirituality and Social Work
    •    pilgrimage groups
    •    activists and peace walk groups
    •    prayer walkers,
chaplains and ministers
    •    kokorodists/sangha walkers
    •    labyrinth enthusiasts, groups
    •    Buddhist/religious academics
    •    members of the clerical profession

    •    walking/hiking enthusiasts

If you have something to offer, contact us today:
Ray Parchelo


Welcome to the SAWACA Blog
We aspire to make this a focal point for a discussion between all of us who value this form of practice.
Innen Ray Parchelo
December, 2012